Anders Private Investigation, uses the state of art hidden cameras with built in DVR. All equipment is self contained, so there's no need for wires to be seen or any additional recording equipment. Can be used inside while you are away from the house. Keeps eyes on your spouse, children, baby sitters and house maids.

Anders Private Investigations also uses real live GPS Tracking and GPS Date Logger. The live GPS is completely self-contained, so there are no wires to hook up to the vehicle battery of antenna wires. This GPS provides real live position tracking over the internet. Anders Private Investigation can be login to the website anywhere and locate it. This dramatically reduces the chance of being seen by the person being followed.

THe GPS date logger is a mini tracking device which records data in a report form. This report gives the stopping locations from a street map or a satelite image. It also gives the time of stop at each location. This GPS has to be retreived from the vehicle and connected to a computer software to locate the report.

Anders Private Investigations also uses Covert Video Surveillace equipment. Such as Covert Video Eye glasses, high grade button cameras, leather bag camera, ink pen video, clocks video, key chain video, pocket DVR, ink pens, watch voice recorders and other equipment.