I, Steve Anders started my career in law enforcement in January 1976 with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office. I started out as a patrol officer and patrolled the area of Oak Ridge, Summerfield and Stokesdale for approximately 4 years.

In January 1983, I was promoted to Detective in the Vice and Narcotics Division and kept that assignment until I retired in November 2004, having approximately 22 years in a speciallized investigative field.

From January 1983 to November 2004, I worked hundreds of undercover operations, made hundreds of purchases of illegal drugs such as, but not limited to cocaine, LSD, hashish, psilocybe mushrooms, heroin, valiums, amphetamines, crack cocaine, barbituates and ecstasy(MDMA).

During my career in Vice and Narcotics, I obtained over 2,000 search warrants and have conducted thousands of searches and made thousands of drug arrests.

From 1983 to 2004, I seized hundreds of motor vehicles that were being used by drug traffickers for the keeping, distribution and transportation of illegal drugs.

Throughout my career, I kept good working relationships with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies throughout North Carolina.

In 1995, I was transfered to the Metro Piedmont Interdiction Drug Unit, where I specialized in drug interdiction investigations.

As a Detective in the drug interdiction unit, I specialized in drug interdiction at the airport, bus, train and parcel companies, such as but not limited to Federal Express, UPS and trucking companies. I have made over 300 parcel investigations involving illegal drugs.

I have obtained hundreds of search warrants and consent searches while conduction Interdiction Drugs investigations. Thes consent searches were obtained even though the persons would be carrying trafficking amounts of illegal drugs.

During my career as a narcotics detective, I have recovered tens of millions of dollars of illegal drugs, U.S. Currency and property, which were used by drug traffickers.

  • Retired Guilford County Sheriff's Office in November 2004.
  • Started Anders Private Investigations in May 2005.
  • During my career, I recived the follwoing certificates:
  • NC Justice Academy, arrest search warrant, search & seizure
  • DEA Basic Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
  • Appalachian State University, Law of Criminal INvestigations
  • NC Narcotics Association Seminar
  • NC Narcotics Association/Advance Narcotics
  • NC Justice Academy/Covert Investigations
  • NC Justice Academy/Major Case Narcotics Investigations
  • NC Justice Academy/Advance Narcotics Investigations
  • NC Justice Academy/Narcotics Agents Seminar
  • NC Justice Academy Certificate for Interrogation Law Update
  • DEA/Financial Investigations
  • W.H. Harris & Association/Vice Enforcement Seminar
  • NC Narcotics Agent Regional Cooperative Training COurse
  • NC Narcotics Association, Clandestine Labs, Interdiction, stings, courier profiles, knock and talks, assets forfeiture and street enforcement
  • State Bureau of Investigations/DCI Terminal COurse
  • NC Narcotics Agents Regional Cooperative Seminar
  • NC Narcotics Association Conference
  • NC Narcotics Enforcement Officer Association
  • NC Narcotics Association Advanced Narcotics Seminar
  • NC Highway Patrol/Defensive & Precision Driving Training(Received Top Gun Certificate)
  • ROCIC Overview and Criminal Intelligence Analysis Techniques
  • Drug Enforcement Administration Certificate for Drug Interdiction
  • Drug Enforcement Administration Certificate for Interdiction Training
  • Drug Enforcement Administration/Operation Jetway
  • International Narcotics Interdiction Association Training Conference
  • Sawabini & Associates/Digital Imaging for Law Enforcement
  • Guilford Technical Community College/The Rave Phenomenon
  • Member in Good Standing
  • North Carolina Narcotics Association
  • International Narcotics Interdiction Association
  • North Carolina Private Investigator Association
  • National Association of Investigative Specialist